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July 7, 2008

Hi Everyone,

Today I have decided to list a bunch of links that I use all the time. These always help me whether its for inspiration, instruction, or fun.

Colour Lovers – This is a great site for figuring out a color scheme. Once you find the right on, you can download it in many formats, my favorite is as an Adobe Illustrator swatches palette.

istockphoto – Probably my favorite stock photo site.

softpedia – This site is full of free downloads, including many types of code. Great for web design.

csselite – This site gives me inspiration for web design.

gotoandlearn – This site has awesome tutorials for Flash animation.

adobe exchange – Many tools and trick for all the adobe programs.

citation machine – Not sure how to cite references? This site can do it for you!

That’s it for today. There is a whole internet full of awesome and useful sites to designers. If you have any favorites that you love to use, please let me know. I am always looking for good resources for design.


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