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Summer Teen Camp

July 11, 2008

Hi everyone,

Today I figured I would talk about an event that is going on at school right now, which is the annual summer camp for teens. The camp is for high school students who are interested in the Arts, and/or design. Our school has 8 degrees which the students can choose from and then learn about over the course of the week. Since I am in graphic design, I have been working with the graphic design students.

Unfortunately I can’t show any of the artwork, but I am impressed. These students are coming up with great, cohesive designs and picking up the computer programs extremely quickly. I think the most impressive thing is to see how eager they are to learn. They are all very intent on learning what works with their designs and implementing those ideas into their designs.

I got a little taste of what it feels like to be a teacher yesterday when I was helping them use the computer programs and I must say, it was very rewarding to show them some Photoshop tricks and then see their expression and excitement about the results.

So far this teen camp has been a great success and I have even learned some things about graphic design from these students. Their ideas are fresh and creative and since they are a little unfamiliar with the programs, they are really pushing the limits of what they can do. If I get permission, I will post some images, so you all can see some of the great work they have done.


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