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Summer Teen Camp Take 2

July 18, 2008

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday we finished our second week of our annual summer camp for high school students. The camp was a great success and the work was outstanding. The students participated in Interior Design, Graphic Design, Photography and Animation.

I personally worked with the graphic design students. Two of them participated in the first week and were able to build upon their knowledge. Each student did different work and some did multiple pieces. One of the girls did a poster for the new Batman movie and used Adobe Illustrator to make it all vector. She had never used this program, but learned it quickly and her design turned out great. Another girl did a digital illustration of a Cadillac. She drew the car, scanned in the image and painted it using only Adobe Photoshop. She was very unfamiliar with this program, but by the end of the camp she was very proficient using the selection and painting tools, and it showed! The other girl made a calendar with her favorite bands on it. She did 13 different designs using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. Each design for the calendar was unique and she made solid layout and type decisions.

The teen camp experience was rewarding for everyone, especially the students. At the end of the last day they got to show their work and talk about it to everyone. I could tell they all had a great sense of accomplishment while they were showing their pieces to their family and friends, and faculty of the college. If these particular students wished to continue their knowledge in Graphic Design, I think they could all be very successful in the future.


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