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New semester tips and tricks

September 2, 2008

Hi Everyone,

As a student of The Art Center Design College, I have been through quite a few semesters and I would like to offer some tips and tricks for getting through this upcoming semester.

1. Get Google Calendar! – Google offers a great calendar for you to keep track of all your assignments and other events going on in your life. It has many great features to help you stay organized.

2. Use your jump drive responsibly! – Jump drives are great for transporting information to and from computers, but are not great for long term storage. Always pull your files off the jump drive, work on them on the computer, and then save them back to your jump drive. This way you always have a backup file saved on a computer and you don’t have to completely rely on your unreliable jump drive.

3. Don’t save to the desktop! – New software is in place to delete the files on the desktop and other non-designated saving areas on the computer, every time the computer is restarted. If that’s not enough, saving to the desktop gives everyone access to your file, which can mean alterations and deleting of your files.

4. Student services! – Believe it or not, student services actually does care about you and they want you to get through the semester with as little trouble as possible. If you are “having issues”, make sure you talk to them because they really can help you.

5. Use Google Book Search and Google Scholar! – Use these free services offered by Google to find credible sources and information for all of your papers.

6. Prepare for the last two weeks! – Never fails…the last two weeks of the term are stressful and hard. Do whatever you can during the term to make your life easier in the last two weeks, it will pay off!

I hope this information helps you get through this semester unscathed!


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