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Keynote…Presentation Perfection.

December 12, 2008

Hi Everyone,

Today I want to talk about Keynote. This is a program that comes with Macs as part of the iWork series. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite programs.

Keynote is as drag-and-drop as it gets. They have many design presets to choose from, which look great and are totally customizable. It has gorgeous transitions between slides and animations for slide content. It also has SmartBuilds, which are presets that allow you to display multiples of content on the same slide, which means you dont have to make a million slides for a simple photo gallery. The best thing about Keynote is its ease of use. You literally can pick a theme, drag and drop, copy and paste content, add transitions, and have an amazing looking and functioning presentation with absolutely no knowledge about design. Its almost like cheating!

Click this link to see Keynote in action.

The rest of the iWork series of programs are also worth looking into as well. The other two programs are Numbers and Pages. Numbers gives you pre-formatted, customizable spreadsheets for many different applications, plus blank spreadsheets for more savvy users. Pages has a ton of pre-formatted, pre-designed documents, such as, letters, envelopes, resumes, etc. This whole series can really make your life easier and its only $80 to activate them, or you can use the trial versions for 30 days…if you have a Mac.

I hope you got something from this post. I use all of the programs, almost on a daily basis and it truly keeps me organized and makes my life easier. Thanks Mr. Jobs!


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