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Self-publish your comics, art books, or an unconventional portfolio

November 2, 2009

     I found an amazing resource for all people wanting to self-publish their art (or comic, photo album, cookbook, calendar, eBook, etc). is an awesome site that lets you create anything you want in book form. You design the entire publication and then upload your content to their super-easy-to-use web application FOR FREE! You can customize everything, including binding methods, paper type, size, and paper finish (these things obviously effect the price of the final book). There are free templates (zip files) to download to help you design your book. Then, you can direct people to your book on so they can purchase a copy directly through the site (this saving you the money usually spent on printing) or you can purchase some hard copies upfront and sell them yourself. When the time comes, I am definitely using this site to create an awesome hardbound portfolio!
     I originally heard about Lulu at an art opening at Zoe Boutique on 4th Avenue a few months ago where I met painter Andrea Peterson. She had had a book there she had made on Lulu to showcase some of her past work and her artistic process. Andrea said she posts her books on her website and lets people buy them directly from Lulu, but whenever she has an opening or artist talk she’ll bring a hard copy with her.
     For those of you who draw and write comics, this would be a great way to send your work to Dark Horse, Marvel, Slave Labor Graphics… whoever! Animators could send their storyboards or character maps to companies along with their demo reel. Interior designers could scan their color boards and compose a book showcasing their designs. Once I get organized enough to make a book, I will post it here so everyone can check it out. I hope this was an inspiring post for all of you!

– Hannah.

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