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To texture or not to texture… what’s the question?

November 14, 2009

So you’re working on a really cool digital painting that you’ve thrown your heart and soul into it, but something about it just isn’t right. You rack your brain for several minutes before it hits you like a train… carrying a ton of bricks… downhill… with no brakes. YOU NEED TEXTURE!
Believe me when I say, a well placed texture can make or break a digital painting. So where do you go to get some primo textures? Well if you’re cheap, like me, you probably want to get them free… legally. You’re in luck, because there are a number of sites that offer free textures. And we’re not talking some namby pamby textures that your 6 yr old sister took with a Polaroid, we’re talking oodles of premium high res images. FOR FREE! Man if the word free doesn’t make you jump for joy… you’re probably rich, and if that’s the case disregard everything I’m saying, because you can afford to. One of my favorite sites is This site has everything! There are a few restrictions so make sure you check out the licensing agreement. It’s common sense stuff though and it’s short and easy to read. Also check out for some awesome textures. There is a download cap on this site of 20 downloads per day, but honestly that’s more than enough textures for one day. Well I hope this helps out. Have fun, and keep creating!

~Emmett/ AN

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