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Art House Coop projects to keep your art fresh

November 18, 2009

     Ever get stuck artistically? Like you’re inspired to make something, or a plethora of things, but the ideas just aren’t coming? The Art House Coop has a solution for you! Well, they don’t really profess a way to break through that creative rut, but their Weekly Projects are certainly a good way to keep yourself making art.

     The Art House Coop is, well, a coop of artists spanning the nation and trying to involve all walks of art life. Art House’s gallery is in Atlanta, GA but the a lot of the work displayed there comes from the many opportunities for artists available at For instance, right now there are three projects going on (each project is essentially a call to artists, nationwide, except they are very specific). The Starving Artist Project will give a $2000 grant to the artist that wins. The Fiction Project asks artists to create a narrative book that fuses art with writing. The Sketchbook Project asks people to fill an entire sketchbook and send it in to be included in a touring display of sketchbooks across the country. There is usually a submission fee for these projects, but that is true with most art competitions. In the case of the Sketchbook and Fiction Projects, the fee is for a moleskin journal that Art House will send to complete your submission in.

     I recommend checking out the Art House website. Even if you don’t end up submitting art in one of their exhibition opportunities, the site is full of inspiration.

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