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Drew Struzan Tutorial

November 24, 2009

Drew Struzan's Hellboy II movie poster

If you’re anything like me, you’ve looked at the hand-done movie posters like Star Wars, E.T. , Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and Hellboy and thought “how do they do that?”

Normally I only pay attention to free tutorials, and in the future, nearly all of the tutorials I post will be free. But when I learned than Drew Struzan has released a DVD, I knew that every illustrator should know about it.

Drew who? You ask. And, if you do ask don’t worry I didn’t know his name for many years.

Until now, no one has really known exactly how he does it. His technique is kind of apparent (flawless) and his materials are easy to see. Yet he doesn’t give much insight to his process.

This DVD changes all of that. Drew gives a rare peek at his process, while he takes us through the creation of the Hellboy movie poster. 100 minutes of real time (from initial sketches to completed piece) painting and prisma and air brush and insight from one of commercial illustration most brilliant masters.

J. Hall

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