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December 5, 2009

Creating a website to display your artistic work can be instrumental in landing a job in any field. You want to give potential clients/employers the ability to view your work anytime, from the comfort of their own computer. You also want to ease of quickly updating content on your site in order to stay current and fresh. Now running your website is fairly inexpensive; however, there are free methods available. And let’s face it, why pay when you can find something comparable for free?
 There are several sites, but my favorites out there are DeviantArt, Blogs, and MyArtSpace. Unfortunately I can’t go into too much detail about each (maybe in a later blog), but I can give you a quick break down of each.  Deviant Art is great because you can post as much as you want, with almost no space limit. They have a great new feature called DaPortfolio, which is real slick and professional looking. You can check out my example at There are several blog sites available, like and, so check them all out to find the right one for you. Blogs are easy to maintain and great for networking. is another great tool you can use to easily post and update your work. The interface is simple and straight forward. There are a ton of other sites out there, so I suggest you check them all out before you make a decision. Well that’s all have time for. Hope this helps. Have fun, and keep creating!

~Emmett/ AN

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