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Holiday Plans

December 8, 2009

     Since I am not going home for the holidays, I decided to watch movies about homes over winter break.  I plan to watch all kinds of films and documentaries about who are designing what and where they are building them.  I’ll definitely revisit Sydney Pollack’s documentary about his long-time friend, Frank Gehry (an annual must-see) titled, Sketches of Frank Gehry.

     I recently finished Building Structures class where I drafted a three-story home for the final project, complete with transverse section and section detail portraying the West Elevation.  Who knew that Interior Design included the basic knowledge of a building’s infrastructure?  I’m happy to report that I can confidently locate a cant strip on a construction document without batting an eye (as well as manually draft it with precision).  Jeffrey Tobin, Instructor Extraordinaire, taught our class so many vocabulary terms, that we created a binder we will undoubtedly reference in the future while we our out in the field.

     Not only will my television be showing aspects of homes, but my project will most likely adorn the wall, and I’ll be leafing through my binder whenever I feel the whimsical urge to do so…Looks like I’ll keep myself occupied enough to get through another holiday away from home!  

Design Diction of the Day: Anthropometrics:  The study of the dimensions and articulation of the human body by means of systematic, statistical observation of large numbers of people.

~Jules, ID/LA

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