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13 years of Print awesomeness

December 13, 2009

     Print magazine recently announced that the past 13 years of its regional design annuals are available for purchase in one comprehensive place! More than 21,000 design references are available on the website. As anyone who reads Print magazine knows, it is an outstanding resource when it comes to design ideas or just seeing what other people in your industry are coming up with. To have all of that available online is simply awesome because if your house looks anything like mine, it is incredibly cluttered with design refs and stacks of old magazines. You can find out more here, and subscribe to the site. It’s just $30 for 12 months of access to the Regional Design Annual website, and considering that every issue of Print costs more than $12, its well worth it. You can even tell your trendy friends that you’re going green since you’ll be using this great paperless resource.

     You can search by year, region, or by category (everything from identity to outdoor advertising and interactive design is included). What a great resource for a young designer! Print is even offering a 100% money-back guarantee is you don’t like what you see. Check it out, and get designin’!

– Hannah

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