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I’m Ready for my Prints, Mr. Demille…

December 15, 2009

The semester is coming to a close and I have learned a thing or two about getting things done (and because I am feeling generous, I have decided to share them with you).  First of all; “By whatever means possible!” has become my morning mantra as of late.  Drafting is not my forte, but it is an important skill to have as an Interior Designer (go figure!), and Building Structures Assignment #3 has been a thorn in my side (FYI: Keep all cats off of drafting tables while in progress-many of you know what I am referring to). 

Let me get to the point.  My “ace in the hole” happens to be Reproductions, Inc.  The school’s bookstore isn’t able to copy anything over 11 x 17, and (joy of joys!) I was looking at several 24 x 36 plans needing clones.  I made the mad-dash to Reproductions, Inc. last week to print out copies for the group project, only to return this morning for my individual ones.  Let’s just say they know me by name from all of the business I have singlehandedly given them (like that 212-page tome I produced for The History of Architecture and Interior Design class a few semesters back).  Not only are they locally owned and operated (the employees all share stock in the business), but they offer a 25% discount to students (so have your TACDC ID on deck), and they are extremely efficient…10 minutes later I was out the door in time for a lovely Chorizo, Egg, and Potato Burrito on Fourth.


Design Diction of the Day~ Volatile Organic Compound (VOC):  Indoor air pollutants in forms of vapor or gasses that offer undesirable air quality.

~Jules, ID/LA

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