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Photoshop Brush Previewer

December 18, 2009

Since my introduction to digital painting, I have been creating custom Photoshop brushes with anything I can find. From watercolor bleeds to random coffee stains, if it catches my eye I’ll make a brush out of it. I also find myself searching the internet for custom brush sets. The problem I quickly ran into is that I have hundreds of custom brush sets and untold number of “stragglers” (the lonely wandering brushes that really should belong to a set) and it is very time consuming to go through them to find a brush I want.

Any Photoshop user that is familiar with this process, and we are many, knows how tedious it can be. First you have to open Photoshop, open a document, select the brush tool, open the brush palette, select “Load Brushes” and navigate to where we stored the specific set we are looking for. Then we load the brush (or set) only to find that it is not the brush we need, or it is not exactly what we were looking for, or it is that piece of rubbish that we never get around to deleting.

Well, there is an answer to this problem. has created ABRView. This is an awesome, light weight utility that lets you preview a brush set just by clicking on it. You can even adjust the preview image size (so can really see what the brush will look like). also has tutorials, custom brushes and is an all around good resource.

– J. Hall

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