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DIY portfolio websites

December 21, 2009

     As all artists start developing a solid body of work, it becomes critical to organize your work in a way that you could present to galleries, employers, or potential clients. There are a million do-it-yourself portfolio sites available in the vastness of the internet, but I thought I would detail a pretty simple one that I’ve come across. It goes without saying that you could hire someone to build a custom site, but in this post I’ll just be discussing one option called Stacey. Disclaimer: To use a sitebuilder like this, you’ll need some knowledge of how HTML works, an active domain name, and a hosting server. offers an interesting way to manage and upload your content and images. Rather than using a traditional database to manage your files, Stacey uses flat text files and folders. To update your site, you simply copy the application folders to your server. To see what some people are doing using Stacey, click here, here, or here.

     This would certainly not be the way to go if you’re goal is a really complicated, custom site. However, if you just want a pretty simple way to have a professional-looking site for your photos, art, design, etc., Stacey may be a great tool for you.

– Hannah

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    nice man

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