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Preparing for Classes

January 14, 2010

Hard to believe the long break is coming to an end.  Am I ready to get back into the swing of things?  YOU BET I AM!!!  I’m terribly excited to begin learning about lighting, furniture design and CAD.  There are a few other classes I’m enrolling in, too, and I’ll keep you posted on whether I am lucky enough to get accepted.   I look forward to learning all about these exciting topics and inviting you along for the semester. 

I just brought a ton of last semester’s books back to the bookstore and am bracing myself for the new batch I plan to purchase this week (I’m worried that they will weigh a ton, as usual-nothing like getting a work out carrying my school books to and from class).  I’ll be doing plenty of drafting this term (both manually and digitally) and hope to scan examples of class projects to share with you (and hope my classmates agree to do the same).  Comments will be greatly appreciated!

Feng Shui Snack:  As I’ve mentioned to my coworker (Cassie Vincent), the stove is the central focus of every home.  This signifies your cash flow, my friends, so keep it nice and clean.  Always remember rotating burner usage, as stagnation can occur when they are not collectively used (creating imbalance for your Chi flow).  Also, just simply using your stove generates energy, which, in turn, promotes new and vital energy within the home and within your own life.  (Having said this, I am making valiant efforts to actually TRY cooking…).

Design Diction of the Day (or Bio of the Day, today):  Edith Wharton~ The first female Pulitzer Prize winner for penning, The Age of Innocence, in 1921.  Born Edith Newborn Jones as part of New York’s upper crust (where the term “Keeping up with the Jones’s” came from) she authored many works that historically chronicled the style of an era noted for excessive affluence and decadence (pre-WWI high society).  She was also known to dabble in landscape architecture and interior decorating.  The Decoration of Houses, co-authored by Ogden Codmen is a must-read.  Check out Scorcese’s version of The Age of Innocence for the spectacular set design…

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