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Thoughts… A Sorta’ Homecoming

January 19, 2010

I was busy at the arduous task of looking to my fellow artists for inspiration (or if you prefer, I was trying to find a valid explanation for the hours spent surfing the internet). In my wandering… I mean … during my painstaking research I began to rediscover the spontaneous, unrefined wonder art (for the sake of art alone) I had somehow managed to misplace. You would think being a student of the arts with all of the encouragement and support of carefully planned curricula (<- yep, curricula, I just went there) and the relative creative freedom that comes with more senior territory that I would be focused on… art.

What I am still beginning to understand (even as I write this), is that for too long I have been focused on theory and elements and deadlines and guidelines and shortcuts and the satisfaction found only in completion and… and not the guileless, unsophisticated, uncontrollable conflagration only found in honestly enjoying art.

Don’t get me wrong, being well versed the theory and elements and deadlines and guidelines and shortcuts and the satisfaction of completed assignments serve a crucial role. That is our progress, our strengths demonstrated.

As we start this new year – decade, school term, career, morning, cup of coffee, dreamspell (or whatever you, dear reader, may be starting) – I sincerely encourage you to take time, for the sake of times taking. Create something for the sake of creation. Draw something. Paint – or paint on, or peel the paint from – something. Design something, cut some paper, play with glue, set something on fire, whatever it takes. Invest some time in rediscovering what you’re passionate about and then come back to the mundane with that new, fresh perspective smell.

– J. Hall

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