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What to do when you’re not making art

January 20, 2010

Sitting here, struggling to decide what to write about today… I’ve decided it would be best just to share a few really inspiring links for your internetting pleasure. Please enjoy!

Design*Sponge is an amazing blog site that combines graphic design, fine art, interior design, crafting, shopping, all things beautiful. This is one of those great blogs that you want to check daily (or at least weekly – Wednesdays are DIY days!) simply because the content is that good. Everyone I’ve told about this site has become just as hooked to it as I. Another great aspect to check out is the BizLadies posts… which have some really good content if you own (or want to own) a small business. Amazing site for anyone obsessed with design.

DFM = Design for Mankind = Another really great blog site more focused on contemporary fine artists. I personally subscribe to the weekly emails from DFM because they are such a great inspiration for a varried group of progressive artists. Lots of photography and 2D art, but the occaional sculptures are my personal favorite. Erin Loechner (site author) has a really good eye for up-and-coming artists. If you want to be featured, you can also submit your work through the site.

Art House Coop is a site I’ve written about before that features artists from around the country but also hosts national art projects. Most projects involve a challenge or a question to answer through your artwork, and the idea is that you’ll submit what you create to be shared through the website with the entire Art House community. I think the people of Art House put it best when they say simply, “We build art projects and communities.”

   Of course there are millions of other websites to inspire you to create, these are just a few of those that I really love. Share your favorite inspiring sites with the Art Center community! Tweet with us by clicking here.

– Hannah

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