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Talk About Excitement

January 24, 2010

My social calendar is starting to get pretty full, which-incidentally- happens to coincide with the new semester, which equates to being VERY busy (no wonder my electric bill was a whopping $9 that one month I forgot my address).  At any rate, I’d like to tell you what is on the agenda for the next week (which I am soooo excited about).

First of all, I was invited to the open house at Fractured Earth Tile & Stone January 29.  They are actively sponsoring the ASID Gala the following evening, so many of their tile artisans and factory representatives are arriving a day early for this function.  The open house will focus on eco-friendly products for both interior and exterior spaces.  To the trade only, Fractured Earth has succeeded in providing world-class materials to their clients since 1994.  I have had continued dialogue with Elizabeth Miller, CEO of Fractured Earth, for the past few months, as I hope to one day intern for her (I cannot think of a better mentor).  You can check out their incredible website to see why I’m so excited about this place (

And then there’s the Gala on Saturday…Okay, I think I’ve narrowed my dress selection down to this toga-inspired aubergine number that my copper accessories will add enormous glamour to (and then there’s the sable faux fur smock and chunky geometric-shaped diamond/gem necklace to contend with).  Yep, I’m getting all dolled-up for this one.  I decided to volunteer through the ASID Student Chapter and will arrive earlier than the 6 o’clock start to help set up.  It’s going to be over-the-top fabulous.  I cannot wait to see all of the student entries and cheer for them when their names are announced as #1 winners during the awards ceremony!

Feng Shui Snack:  Actually, I will be collaborating with Architect/TACDC Instructor, Alan Roberts, for future Feng Shui Snacks, as he is the master on the subject (certificate and everything).  Stay tuned, as this is going to get VERY interesting!

Design Diction of the Day: Richardson Romanesque Revival Style (1880-1900)


  • Depends on mass and volumes, rather than applied details
  • Based on the use of rough-hewn stone facing
  • Asymmetrical
  • Marked by low, broad, and round-arched openings for porches, doors and windows
  • Simple details derived from Romanesque, Syrian and Byzantine sources.
  • Heavy, rusticated stone materials
  • Semi-circular arches
  • Deeply recessed windows
  • Towers with cone-shaped roofs/Moorish onion domes

~Jules, ID/LA

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