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Loft Screening in Full Surround Sound

January 29, 2010

Check out the Loft Cinema Membership Promotion, which was created by several students from The Art Center Design College!

This Friday night (1/29/2010) preceding opening for The Maid (La Nana) here in Tucson, AZ we will be screening the surround sound version of the Loft Membership promotional created last semester. Students will have a chance to get feedback in person from the top brass at The Loft Cinema including Peggy Johnson (Executive Director), Jeff Yanc (Program Director), and JJ Giddings (Operations Director). It will be a fun, learning experience for everyone.
Tucson is fortunate to have the cultural treasure of The Loft Cinema, and the Animation students are psyched that they will be creating animation for our friends at The Loft again. Friday’s event will kick off another exciting opportunity for students here at The Art Center Design College to create useful and entertaining work for a real world client. It’s going to be a blast!
The Loft Cinema
The Maid (La Nana)


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