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Sequential Art Tutorial

January 29, 2010

I know I keep coming at you with all of these blogs focused on illustration, and I swear I’m going to get around to some blogs on animation, but today I found some amazing stuff on creating your own graphic novel and I had to share!
So Jason Brubaker, currently employed at Dreamworks, is my new favorite artist! He’s no stranger to animation and commercial illustration, with movies like Kung Fu Panda, Van Helsing, Pitch Black, and Ghost Rider under his belt. Recently Jason has begun production of his own graphic novel reMIND and has even begun a blog to showcase his work. Check it out below.


What I really like about his blog is that Jason gives you pointers on how to make your own graphic novel! How cool is that? Not only can you read the comic he’s working on, as he creates it, you can also peruse through information that may be helpful with the creation of your own graphic novel… for free. A graphic novel tutorial from a guy making a graphic novel! Isn’t life just awesome! Hope this helps. Have fun, and keep creating.


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