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Talk About Incredible

January 30, 2010

Friday night I went to the open house at Fractured Earth, and let me just say,  it was extremely difficult staying focused on socializing since my brain was attracted to all of those gorgeous products hanging on the walls.  My mother always taught me to look a person in the eyes if we were conversing, but boy was I distracted (and I’ve been to the showroom several times already). 

After speaking with Elizabeth Miller (CEO of Fractured Earth), I found out it was a huge success, with nearly 200 people attending.  I ran into her the next night in the restroom at the Ritz while primping between courses at the Gala….Oh yeah, let me tell you about the Gala…

Where to begin?  Well, the long ride to the resort was worth it (right Melanie?)!  Volunteers arrived at 5pm to prepare for the 300+ guests expected to arrive at 6pm.  Our duties included escorting guests down the long hallway to the ballroom, checking them in, and selling them raffle tickets (which I think we all did quite well at).  The patrons generously supported our efforts in raising money for the ASID student chapter.

Then it was dinner…and with the first course, all of the student winners were announced.  Congratulations to Bonnie Toland, Julie Rogers, Inge-Lise Marazzi, Claudia Siemens, and Sarah Jobs for placing and/or winning their respective categories! 

Sarah Severson and I had the honors of handing out the awards on the stage during the professional competition awards.  It certainly gets hot under those spotlights!

And then it was dance time.  For best showmanship, I give the award to Jeff Tobin, Instructor Extraordinaire, who tore it up when he wasn’t applauding Lori Carroll (who won most of the categories she was entered in).  TACDC-ID Department Chair, Madeleine Boos, and TACDC Instructors, Allen Roberts and Kirsten Dibattista were also tearing it up!  TACDC students were no slouches either…Sherrelle and Anyce, did you singlehandedly bring back the hustle?

All-in-all, the Gala was a blast (and the food wasn’t bad either)!  Considering our tickets were discounted as volunteers, I think we had the best seats in the place.  Functions like this are a great learning experience as students, preparing us for our professional careers. 

Amy Lawson organized the volunteering perfectly.  Great job to everyone who volunteered!

Design Diction of the Day: Ogival~ A diagonal rib of a Gothic vault.  A pointed arch.

Feng Shui Snack: Allen Roberts (Feng Shui Extraorindaire, who just happens to be an instructor at TACDC) has provided a link that is helpful when first dabbling in the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui.  To help demystify, go to and start clearing that stagnation from your chi flow!

Jules, ID/LA

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