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Art & Craft Marketplace – Etsy

February 10, 2010

     Hi, all! I’m not sure how widely-known the craft marketplace website Etsy is… Hopefully not too well-known because that’s what this post is about! is “your place to buy & sell all things handmade.” As most of us probably know, the handmade movement in America is huge right now. More and more people are concerned with doing things themselves rather than shelling out cash to buy something/make something new. I think Etsy is among the more innovative and extensive online craft marketplaces. It’s one of the most widely used, with hundreds of thousands of users buying and selling from over 150 countries. This is also a really user-friendly and legit site, so you always feel comfortable when shopping there.

     There are two main functions to Etsy. You can buy from sellers around the globe (all handmade – everything from clothes, jewelry, geekery, ART, to supplies for all of those things). You can shop by location of seller, color of item, material of item, randomly (called “pouncing”), or based on other items/sellers you’ve looked at (using the “alchemy” function).

     So… you can buy all of those things on Etsy. The other primary function of the site is to allow users to sell anything they’ve made. I’ve mentioned before how great keeping up a blog looks to potential employers and collaborators. Taking an active and assertive role in promoting your own work is just another way to market yourself to the world. I’ve known several people who, with time and effort, have made a lucrative little side project (to school, work, career, whatev) out of selling on Etsy.

     Yes, you are competing with the world to sell your art and other wares, however, the benefit of making and selling handmade items is that nothing anyone can create will be identical to what you can do.

– Hannah
PS: Readers, please comment below with your Etsy username… I will check out your shop! :D

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