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Ignite the creative fire in you!

February 12, 2010

But only for 5 min at a time.

So I got some more cool stuff from the folks over in Albuquerque.  It would seem that there’s another Ignite event coming up next month.

What is ignite?

Ignite is a dozen speakers, each given 5 minutes to present a topic they’re interested in while 20 slides automatically rotate every 15 seconds.  Yes Ignite is fast paced.  This quick transfer of information is enough to let you, the audience, decide “do I want to hear more?”  If you do, follow up with the speaker, or look more into the topic online.  If not, well it was only 5 minutes.  Ignite can help you explore new topics, make new connections, and be fun at the same time.

How does it work?

First off, people who would like to speak at Ignite submit a topic at Please include a title and a brief description of your topic. The community votes on the topics, and the top ones get picked.  This is open to anyone.

The chosen speakers are notified, and must coordinate their speeches.  Then we all come together on March 2nd to watch them present.

Yes, Ignite NM 5 is right around the corner… March 2nd!  Make sure your there.  RSVP here:

We are part of Global Ignite week.  There are over 70 Ignites happening the same week all around the world.  Make sure your at Ignite NM to be a part of the worldwide movement that Ignite has become.

Welcome to the first Ignite of 2010.  Right now we are looking for speakers for the upcoming event.  If you have something that you are passionate about or something that you want to teach others, please submit your topic for Ignite  at  Ignite brings together a wide range of topics (from Bacon to iPhone Development, and everything in between) in a fun fast five minute presentation.  We’ve had great topics and speakers in the past, so let’s continue that at Ignite NM 5.

At the last couple of Ignites here in New Mexico we have tried something new, and the response was incredible.  Reverse Ignite takes slides from other Ignites around the world and gets a volunteer from the audience to improvise the topic without seeing the slides ahead of time. It’s hilarious so come join the fun! Hope to see you there.

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