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10 Ways We Art Folk Can Make Money Online

February 16, 2010

As an aspiring Designer, Illustrator or Professional Creative, it’s probably a good idea to explore different ways to generate income. Having some income between freelance gigs and commissions is a no-brainer. Remembering some of the concepts I learned in marketing, perhaps one of the easiest ways to do this (without investing too much time) may be to expand your market, increase and diversify your audience exposure and reposition your brand …

… But I thought you said this was not going to take too much time. What is all of this?

Sorry, I don’t mean to scare you. These are just fun ways to say re-envision your works intended purpose, diversify your volitionary placement (I’m doing it again). By using your designs as art prints, T-Shirts, greeting cards, postcards, and other products you can start a somewhat predictable source of income.

Forgiving its inherent wickedness, I must admit the internet is sincerely awesome. There are endless possibilities and opportunities to profit from and promote your work.

For you, dear reader (and for myself as well), I have collected a list of 10 sites to explore if you’re considering selling your work online. The internet is not for everyone, I understand (it may very well not be for me either) but it is undoubtedly powerful and potentially quite profitable. It is almost essential to have some sort of electronic promotional presence. Selling on the internet is definitely worth considering. I know this topic has been discussed elsewhere, and probably in more detail, I thought I’d open it here though. Let me know what you think.




1000 Markets



spread shirt

Thumbtack Press



– J. Hall

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  1. February 17, 2010 10:20 AM

    Great post, Jared!

    – Hannah

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