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Redesigning Nintendo games in Flash

February 21, 2010

I am sure that at one point or another we have all ended up playing Nintendo. Either as a kid, or as a young adult we have been fascinated by games. Recently I found out that they are taking the Nintendo classics and are merging with the latest and newest technology. Can you guess what this new technology is? It’s Flash!

Actually, Nintendo is currently one of the most ideal game franchises for the Flash platform. Mario has basically spawned a multitude of great Flash spin off games. As well as other games that include Zelda, Donkey Kong, Mega Man, Metroid, Kirby, and Contra. Web developers and game developers have gotten really creative in using flash and crafting these original games into something spectacular!

– Jenny

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  1. February 25, 2010 4:17 AM

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    Nintendo DS Gameboy Advance Gameboy Color Nintendo 64 Super Nintendo Nintendo Sega Master System Sega Mega Drive Sega Game Gear Isos Playstation 2 Playstation Portable PSX For PSP Playstation Nintendo WII Nintendo Gamecube Sega Dreamcast XBOX/360 PC/Windows

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