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An Introdution to the Master of Fantasy

March 2, 2010

Artwork by Frank Frazetta

I’ve recently had the privilege of being able to study, in depth, the artist that has been one of my (and so many others) greatest influences, Frank Frazetta. I thought I’d take a moment to introduce those that have not yet been introduced to the greatest fantasy artist of the 20th century.  Even if you are not familiar with the name Frazetta, if you are a fan of fantasy, sci-fi or comic book art then you will instantly recognize his work and the influence he has had on the genre as a whole.

Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1928, Frazetta(as I respectfully refer to him) attended the Brooklyn Academy of Fine Arts at the age of eight. Now keep in mind this was a “one-floor, three-room affair with a total of thirty students, all adults”. Here take a look at his bio.

Most of what we see today, as far as fantasy art goes, Frazetta set the standard.  I won’t say that Frazetta invented the mysterious, demonic barbarian sitting atop his crazed horse (well, yeah ok we’ll give him that) or the seductive, feral jungle huntress with her saber-toothed pets (yeah that one’s his too) or the silver warrior leading a sled of trained polar bears over the glacial drifts (ahem)… but he did and he perfected it and went on to set the visual standard for these themes.

I’ve included some links to a few image galleries dedicated to Frazetta’s work.
Enjoy. Be inspired and enjoy.

Links: – The UNOFFICIAL Frank Frazetta Fantasy Art Gallery
This is a great collection of Frazetta’s work
Featured Frazetta Artwork A selection of rare and rarely seen artwork

– J. Hall

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