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Art Therapy, a Conversation With the Arcane

March 18, 2010

Prompted by a conversation I had a couple of days ago, I’ve decided to take this opportunity to tread the innovative and creative waters of art therapy. As I have not studied this field in any considerable depth, I think it best I tread softly.

I was first officially introduced to the field of art therapy in 2D Design Principles (another awesome class available at The Art Center Design College). In the class we explored the principles of color and the fact that what we see, when we see a color, is actually a complex (and not yet completely understood) phenomena of light energy, wavelengths, frequency vibrations and ocular sensitivity to the visible spectrum…

I do hope you’ll pardon the digression. I did say it would be best to tread these waters softly.

The gist is that colors speak to us in the form of visible frequencies. These frequencies also have a proven and measurable effect on us physically and psychologically. The applications of these phenomena are found in the practices of color therapy, chromatherapy, color psychology and are related to the much more expansive field of art therapy.  

In short (I hope) art therapy has proven to be effective in counseling, physical and psychological healing, rehabilitation, and as a way to facilitate and encourage one’s inner-self connection developing a deeper understanding through creativity and experimentation. One of the more intriguing principles I’ve found of art therapy is that many of us have a certain amount of trepidation when expressing ourselves through art. That trepidation is one of the first barriers to be addressed by art therapy. Facing that obstacle, head-on, can be very liberating in itself.

There is so much to be achieved when one submits, explores, understands and then directs the creative process. It is, in my opinion, the most intuitive way for us to connect with our own humanity. A way for our primal and arcane genesis to communicate with the primal and arcane genesis we stem from, live through and ultimately return to.

I have included a few links for those about to explore and I invite you weigh in with your thoughts or if you have any resources you’d like to share you can comment too.

The Links:
The American Art Therapy Association
Art Therapy Blog
Cool Optical Illusions

– J. Hall

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