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TACDC student commercials to air on Comcast!

March 19, 2010

You may remember that the students at the Tucson campus had done some promotional work for the Loft Cinema back in January. Well, it would seem that our sister campus in Albuquerque is enjoying the benefits of creating promotional material for local organizations too. The Motion Graphic students in both morning and evening classes were challenged to come up with a 30 second commercial spot for the New Mexico Symphony Guild Ball. And in typical Art Center fashion, the challenge was met with fevered excitement as 21 students tackled the task. With 21 individual commercials to choose from, the New Mexico Symphony Guild Ball organizers had a difficult time choosing a single spot to run. So much so, they ended up choosing two instead. The winning students, Dara Elerath and Ryan Salway, will have their commercials aired on all Comcast channels in New Mexico. Check it out below!

Dara Elerath

Ryan Salway

But wait, there’s more!
The folks over at Comcast were so impressed with the quality of work our students produced, that they offered to refer other Non-Profit clients to our campus! More real world clients for us students will equal more real world experiences we can list on our resumes! Not to mention all of the positive exposure for The Art Center.

[post by Teri Farley and Emmett]- AN

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