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An Organic 3-D Experience

March 23, 2010

Our Landscape Architecture students have been busy creating a series of installations throughout the Tucson campus. The focus of this 3-D experience is to place the individual in an environment and encourage that individual to explore the tangible and intangible attributes of the work all at once.

I have been able to watch the progress of one of these installations as it was built (and I say built very carefully because it was more of an act of manipulated, natural formation than an act of building). While it is difficult for me to comment too much on the installations, because the individual’s experience of interacting with the work is key to its understanding, I can say they are all unique expressions of the student’s creativity, understanding and implementation of the elements of design and definitely worth seeing first hand.

The 7 installation mid-term assignment be critiqued by not only TACDC faculty, but there will also be a visiting professional, Perri Lynch, who will also (among other things) provide feedback on the projects.

A little more on our visiting artist:
Perri Lynch is a Seattle-based professional artist, a Fulbright scholar and sustainable designer. Her work, in her own words, “…examines the relationship between human perception and sense of place. Issues of navigation, intuition, and physical proximity are key components of these investigations.”  

Links about our guest here:
Velocity Made Good (VMG) – personal website of Perri Lynch (the best place to start in my opinion).
STRAIGHTSHOT – a blog that documents the Sandpoint Baseline Calibration Project

Photos of the TACDC’s Landscape Architecture student’s installations will follow.

– J. Hall

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