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Furniture Field Trip

March 27, 2010

Furniture Design class went to Baker’s furniture showroom at 2303 E. Grant Rd for a tour by Lee Goodrum.  We learned about the different details that help to create quality furniture (from the internal components to the upholstery and finishes).

A chaise lounge caught my eye, and on further inspection, I learned that it was comprised of a material called BioComfort®.  I immediately Googled them, and found relevant information on  BioComfort® is:

  • Made from BiOH polyols, a soybean derivative made by Cargill.
  • The BiOH polyols reduces petroleum-based polyols in the polyurethane foam manufacturing process with the end result being a product that remains exceptionally high in quality, but is much more environmentally friendly.
  • Cargill soy polyol is made from the oil of the soybean which-is a renewable resource- making it safe to the environment and for transportation.

When it comes to sustainable and environmentally responsible design, I think this product is a good one to remember.  And when it comes to touring Baker’s, our class had the opportunity to design a traditional and a contemporary chair at the end of our visit.  Playing designer was fun, and both chair designs have potential.  Lee did say they would be considered for their showroom, so maybe we’ll have to revisit to see that came to fruition (of course, they would look so fabulous, that they would FLY out of the showroom as soon as they arrived from the furniture manufacturer)!

ANYWAY, the field trip was the perfect segue to our next project; upholstered furniture.  It doesn’t get any better than this…

Oh, and a recent update on the ASID Habitat for Humanity Project can be found on Pamela Greenwood’s website  The article, “Green Interiors:  Local designers work on Habitat homes” was recently featured in Tucson Green Times and is found on her website under “Articles.”  Enjoy!

~ Jules, ID/LA

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