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My Personal Top 5 List O’ Illustration Blogs

April 13, 2010

Today, I am providing a list of 5 illustration blogs that any illustrator, creative or other member of the art community could benefit from visiting. This is where I personally go for news, articles, interviews, software tips and to interact with other artists that don’t have time to leave their Wacom. In no particular order, I give you “My Personal Top 5 List O’ Illustration Blogs”.

As there are hundreds of web resources that lend themselves to Illustrators, if you have any that you feel deserve to be included in this list please add a link in your comments.

Little Chimp Society

Little Chimp Society (LCS) is fantastic. Here you’ll find industry news, gallery happenings and a ton of interviews with today’s leading artists. They even have a section on vinyl & toys (Hey, it’s not a toy. It’s a collectible).

Today’s Inspiration

Today’s Inspiration is a sanctuary, found deep within the mean streets of the internet, that serves up regular discussion and showcase on the group of artists that set the standards and created the foundation for contemporary illustration. The advertising, the pulp covers, the exhibition, the fashion, the album covers, the animation cells, the magazine covers… It’s all here.

Illustration Friday

Illustration Friday posts a challenge topic every Friday. It is then up to the participating creative community to come up with their own interpretation of that week’s topic. This is a lot of fun and it serves the whole illustration community through friendly competition and exhibition. Anyone at any skill level can participate. It is really just a stress free (happy to see, nice to be sugar free) place.

Ape of The Moon

Ape on the Moon is a blog written by illustrator Alex Mathers. It focuses on the tools, trends and techniques of illustration. Ape on the Moon is for designers, visual communicators sketch artists, internet surfing primates and anyone else with an appetite for contemporary aesthetic.


With features and news and interviews, Illustrophile is a one-stop source for who’s who, who’s going to be who and who’s proving it. A super cool commercial arts blog.

-J. Hall

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