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We’re Talkin’ Eco-Friendly

April 14, 2010

For a recent Furniture Design class project, I chose to highlight the Tilt Resin Chair designed by Emmanuel Cobbet and Mark Yeber (they also do fabulous translucent resin tables with-or without- flat lamp illumination in 25 colors and a variety of patterns, shapes, and sizes).

And then I grew curious.  What is resin, and can it be made from recycled or sustainable resources?

Resin is a hydrocarbon secretion of many plants/trees (like conifers) and is used as an adhesive or varnish (among other things-like incense, nail polish and perfume).  Resin is also a term for synthetic substances of similar properties (epoxy).  I chose to research the more organic approach to resin.

Wheat, Sunflower Seeds and Resin
Echo Series -these tables are made from salvaged wood, reclaimed eco-resin, and stainless steel hardware. The wood for the bases is salvaged from local timber framers. New variations include a seat and stool.

Prana Table

This table is made from Dakota Burl- an environmentally friendly composite material manufactured by Environ Biocomposites – and steel. Dakota Burl is composed of wheat, sunflower seeds and a formaldehyde-free resin. This resin composite is available in a plywood – like sheet.

Check out these and more eco-friendly options on

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