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A More Energy Efficient “Skylight”

April 27, 2010

Solar Tube Skylights are quickly replacing traditional skylights. Solar Tube skylights are a clear, unbreakable polycarbonate dome mounted on an aluminum flashing on the roof which directs sunlight down into the area below through a high-performance reflective transfer tube. This tube connects to a domed translucent diffuser that distributes natural light evenly throughout the area without heat gain.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using Solar Tube Skylights:

They emit more light than traditional skylights because of their high reflectivity.

They are far more energy efficient than traditional skylights. They are designed with a sealed shaft which minimizes the transfer of heat or cold into your home, unlike traditional skylights which generate heat.

They scatter 100% of the natural light spectrum through the use of a diffuser, brightening the area evenly thus eliminating the spot light effect common with the traditional system.

99% of harmful UV rays are absorbed by both the specially-designed dome and by the light pipe, thereby eliminating the bleaching effect on rugs and furniture.

They are far more economical; a tubular skylight can be installed in less than two hours-a fraction of the time it takes to install a traditional skylight.

No structural modifications or painting are required for the installation of a tubular skylight as they fit between rafters and joists. Different sizes are available.

Virtually unbreakable dome (withstands hail & hurricanes).

Reduces A/C heat load and wear on A/C (cutting output by several hundred kilowatts per month).

Natural light helps plants flourish, which makes it even more GREEN!

There may be instances where a room is either too small or it is otherwise undesirable to have a second light fixture in the ceiling. A Solar Tube Skylight Light can be installed in the previous fixture’s ceiling rough out or can be added anywhere with additional electrical wiring. This serves well for evening illumination (or those cloudy days). They come in double socket, fluorescent, and incandescent styles.

Check out these helpful websites about Solar Tube Skylights:

~Jules, ID/LA

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