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Some Creative Writing

May 12, 2010

The task, write a blues song. The result, a “talking blues” (check out “talking blues” wiki)  song. This is something I wrote for creative writing a while back. Enjoy.

Talkin’ Werewolf Blues

Don’t know what had me out that night,
At an hour that I shoulda’ been asleep.
But I woke in a most awkward state,
Mongst’ a steamy pile of broken sheep.
Some green grass… Then a whole lotta’ red.
Christmas-time colors

I lay there frozen in the early dawn
Then I heard this sorta this low toned growl.
The sound got louder and the lights got brighter
And I felt a sudden urge to howl.
It was cold… I shoulda’ put some clothes on.
My wife was right again.

Then this pack of wolves trotted outta the mist
And circled right around my head.
I’ve never been so scared in all my life.
I would’ve run, I should’ve fled.
If I was a bit more coherent… And not so naked

They began to talk amongst themselves,
Discuss’n this scene that the had found.
It’s not everyday you come across
A werewolf laying on the ground.
Werewolf, that must be me… excessively hairy hound of the damned… moon driven, lupine chaser of livestock.
They didn’t actually speak
But I understood em’
Canine tele-pathy

They sniffed and growled and done run off,
Took all morning to get home that day.
When I told my friends what’d happened,
No one believed what I had to say.
That sucked.
It’s to be expected, though.
Seems they always thought I’d snap.
“Not a matter of why, but when” they’d say.
“He’s not quite right”… “a little funny, if ya know what-I-mean”… “It’s always the quiet ones”…
“It’s bout time he finally cracked”

Well, my life’s back to normal now,
I doin’ the things I usually do.
Cept’ once a month when the moon is full,
I wake up the next morning… smelling of copper… a little disoriented.
Cold and naked at the zoo.

So long sanity.
Howdy, Thorazine.

-J. Hall

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