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The Visual Effects Pipeline

May 14, 2010

I know this is a bit late, but I wanted to share this email I received from Teri over at our ABQ campus. -Emmett~AN

Rachel Nicoll from Sony Pictures Imagweworks was on campus May 6th to do a presentation on the Visual Effects Pipeline. Rachel spoke to a group of about 40 animation students and animation enthusiasts. She brought handouts to describe the different jobs on a Visual Effects Pipeline and explained in great detail who does what part and how that affects everyone up and down stream on a project.

Rachel spoke about her job as a lead Matchmover and how she got her start in this industry. She also had lots of great examples from movies that Sony Imageworks has helped to create and some wonderful behind the scenes snippets of how all the pieces of a production come together to make the finished shot that ends up on the big screen.

There was a short question and answer session and Rachel offered insights on what to do and not do on your demo reel to set yourself a part from all the other prospective applicants for a job. She left the Sony Imageworks demo reel on campus for anyone to check out and watch all the great footage she wasn’t able to get to in the hour and half presentation.

An invitation to visit the Sony Imageworks studio in downtown Albuquerque was also extended and plans to take a small group of 15 animation students through the Art Center Animation Club is already in the works.


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