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What’s Your Fantasia Moment?

March 7, 2011

Can you imagine a Pixar version of Fantasia? That would be mind-blowing, especially in 3D! That’s what Aaron Barreras, Animation Instructor at The Art Center Design College Albuquerque Campus, is waiting for:

“Right now, 3-D animation is still kind of stuck in the mode where a lot of Disney animation was in the ’30s — trying really hard to re-create reality, but as far as a creative pursuit, we’re limiting ourselves. We have the potential to do anything, absolutely anything, so I would love to watch the industry grow to the point where we see our ‘Fantasia,’ where we see something that is abstract, that is surreal, beyond the boundaries of normal physics.”

Who is going to create something this awesome? Will it be you?

P.S. When you do create it, remember: I get a title credit as co-creator & 10% of gross revenue. Now get to work!

Check out Aaron’s interview in the Albuquerque Journal article which highlights TACDC’s Animation Department, and discusses the state of animation today:

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