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Blogs about: Graphic Design, Advertising & Marketing
Academic Focus: Graphic Design
Class Standing: Senior
About Me: Hey Guys! My name is Jenny and I am a student representative as well as a senior in graphic design here at the Art Center. Just some bits of info about me, I was originally a transfer student from Pima and the U of A when I decided that graphic design was not only an interest but a passion of mine. So I applied and have been here for about three years. With graduation soon coming up for me, I hope to eventually get a job as a creative art director for an advertising firm in Colorado or Phoenix.

Jared (J. Hall)

Blogs about: Illustration
Academic focus: Illustration
Class Standing: Senior
Bio: Jared is a senior illustration student whose goal is to promote, encourage and contribute to a more conscious and thoughtful aesthetic in the world of illustration. Captivated at a young age by the compelling nature of timeless tales and literary epics, Jared has devoted himself to the path of imaginative art. On a steady diet of mythologies, vinyl toys and alchemy; Jared looks forward to a career as a concept artist for games and movies. His anticipation of returning to the Pacific Northwest gets stronger as graduation gets closer. He enjoys a Coca-Cola between friends, long walks in the cactus-ridden desert and third person narratives.


Blogs about: Interior Design, Landscape Architecture
Academic focus: Interior Design major, Art History minor, Landscape Architecture enthusiast
Credo: “Plan it for the planet.”
Design Decisions: Environmental consciousness; green, blue, eco-friendly, sustainable design is essential.
Bio: Originally, I had planned on an Art History BA and MBA for a career as an Art Museum Curator. That fell by the wayside, so I delved a little into Environmental Science (but wasn’t too keen on the ‘science’ part), and fell face-first into Creative Writing/English, (which I abandoned several years later). After traveling the globe and working in some colorful positions, I came knocking on TACDC’s door, ready to pursue my passion for Interior Design and Art History. Oh Heavenly Day! I’ve already completed my minor and have about 1.5 years to go for my degree. If all goes well, I may just go on to grad school (Art History/Museum Management) and actually get to curate art museums in the future.

Emmett  – Animator extraordinaire!

Blogs about: Animation
Status: Graduate
The skinny: How can I put you at ease? Shall we begin like David Copperfield, I am born… I grew up, or shall we begin when I was born to darkness, as I call it? That’s really where we should start, don’t you think? BWAHAHAHA!
I’m a New Orleans native, born and raised, hence the Anne Rice reference, sans-BWAHAHAHA. My family moved to Tucson when I was 16 and I’ve been here ever since. I’m a recent graduate of The Art Center Design College where I received my BA in Animation, the coolest profession in the WORLD! So, climb aboard and keep your extremities inside the craft as we go on an adventure through the wild, wild world of blogging. Will you gain any knowledge from my often convoluted rantings? I can’t make any guarantees, but I can ensure you that wackiness will ensue. BWAHAHAHAHA!


Blogs about: Graphic Design, Fine Arts, and Photography
Academic focus: Graphic Design major / Fine Arts minor (always thinking about pursuing both degrees…)
Class Standing: Senior
About: Hello all! I am Hannah, a graphic designer/ illustrator/ typographer/ artist/ student/ jewelry-maker/ butcher, baker, candelstick-maker/really busy person. I started attending the Art Center Design College fall of 2006, after a (really) brief stint at the University of Arizona as a journalism major. I do love to write, but decided that I would rather study graphic design and art in the much closer community here at the Art Center. I began strictly as a graphic design student, but started taking photography and painting classes and soon enough I found myself with a fine arts minor (I am still thinking about pursuing both a BA for graphic design and a BFA for studio art). Currently, I am having a lot of fun blending my art and graphic design and challenging the conventions of what constitutes each. Upon graduation, I plan to move out of Tucson, hopefully to Portland or Albuquerque, to work as a designer/illustrator in a small but successful design firm.

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